How should I prepare for you to take my placenta?

*Depending on your birthing location, a cooler is always good to have to store the placenta in while awaiting pick-up.  If you forget to bring a cooler, make sure the bagged placenta is kept on ice. 
*Clearly state in your birth plan that you plan to keep your placenta.


Can I get my placenta encapsulated if I have a C-Section, pitocin, if I give birth prematurely, or have delayed cord clamping? 
   Yes!  As long as your placenta has not been sent to pathology, and has been stored properly, your placenta is a good candidate for placenta encapsulation. 


How long will my placenta last in the fridge/freezer?

   If you are unable to get your placenta encapsulated immediately after giving birth, recommend leaving it in the fridge for no longer than 3 days; and the freezer for no longer than 6 months. 


I plan to store my babies cord blood, am I still able to encapsulate it?

   Absolutely, you can do both!


I am vegan, is there a non-gelatin option for the capsules?

   Yes there is.  I can substitute the gelatin capsules for vegetarian capsules at no additional cost.


How long will my placenta capsules last?

   If stored in a cool dry place, preferably the fridge to prevent bacteria growth, I would recommend consuming them within 6-12 months.


What if my placenta gets sent to pathology?

If your placenta gets sent to pathology you can let me know, as I have had luck in retrieving it.


How big are the capsules?

   I use size “00” capsules.  

How many capsules will my placenta make?

   The quantity of capsules varies depending on how big your placenta is.  Generally, a placenta will make anywhere from 80-220 capsules. 


How is your equipment sterilized?

   *I soak my utensils in a bleach solution for a few hours, and then scrub it thoroughly with soap and water to ensure no cross contamination will occur.  I also sterilize my work surface before, during, and after the process.
   *I have been trained in bloodborne pathogen awareness. 

How long have you been doing this?

   I have been joyfully encapsulating placentas for 18 months. 


Can I encapsulate my own placenta?

   Absolutely!  I offer a Do It Yourself segment on my website under “process.”


What are some Organizations that you support in the Tampa Bay Area?

I try to attend as many expos and functions as I can. I love to support the natural birthing community!

Here are a list of organization I think you should check out!

Tampa Bay Birth Network -

Tampa Bay Babywearing | Facebook -

The Prego Expo @thepregoexpo

Tampa Bay Mom's Blog



What hospitals, birth centers, or birthing centers do you offer your services to?


Listed below are some of, but not limited to, the hospitals, birth centers, or birthing centers that I am willing to provide my services to. Pick up and delivery are included in the cost of the placenta services however a few locations require a surcharge. The surcharge is $20. Please contact me if your location is on this list. We have performed placenta encapsulation for Lakeland and Sarasota.


Labor of Love Birth Center -

106 Myrtle Ridge Rd

Lutz, FL
(813) 949-1185


Sweet Child O' Mine - (Surcharge)

215 Lithia Pinecrest Rd
Brandon, FL
(813) 685-8404


Breath of Life Women's Health & Birth Center - (Surcharge)

1900 E Bay Dr

Largo, FL
(727) 216-1420


Countryside Birthing Place -

3060 Jones Ln
Clearwater, FL
(727) 796-7502


The Birth Center of St. Pete -

1405 Doctor M.L.K. Jr St N
St Petersburg, FL
(727) 895-2300


Florida Hospital Tampa -

3100 E Fletcher Ave
Tampa, FL
(813) 971-6000


Tampa General Hospital -

1 Tampa General Cir
Tampa, FL
(813) 844-7000


St. Joseph's Women's Hospital -

3030 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 879-4730


Brandon Regional Hospital Baby Suites -

119 Oakfield Drive
C-Tower, Brandon, FL
(813) 571-5350


St Petersburg General Hospital -

6500 38th Ave N
St Petersburg, FL
(727) 384-1414


St. Pete Babyplace -

601 5th St S
St Petersburg, FL
(727) 767-7030


Morton Plant Mease - (surcharge)

300 Pinellas St, Clearwater, FL 33756

(727) 462-7000


Spring Hill Regional Hospital - (surcharge)

10461 Quality Dr

Spring Hill, FL
(352) 688-8200


Bayfront Health Spring Hill - (Surcharge)

Spring Hill, FL
(352) 688-8200

Oak Hill Medical Center - (Surcharge)

11375 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville, FL 34613 

(352) 596-6632


Sarasota Memorial Hospital -(Surcharge)

1700 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34239

(941) 917-9000


If you are having your birth at home or would like to see if we can add your birthing place please call me at (813) 454-5526


What cities do you provide Placenta Encapsulation services to:


Tampa, Saint Petersburg, South St Pete, Clearwater, Dunedin, Spring Hill, New Port Richey, Hudson, Lutz, Largo, Downtown Tampa, Brooksville, Orlando, Brandon and Lakeland, Fl Lakeland, Sarasota.

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